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May 1, 2019, brings the announcement that Virtual Systems and PagePath have completed a business merger. The resulting new business is Print Reach, Inc.

Print Reach is now a leading provider of print and mail productivity software that drives real business value for commercial and in-plant printing operations. Print Reach offers a family of integrated solutions that include leading enterprise print MIS solutions, print-shop management software, and web-to-print solutions for printing, mailing and fulfillment companies.  For more information, visit,, or

Bringing together strong, established software products like Midnight from Virtual Systems and MyOrderDesk and Printer’s Plan from PagePath immediately increase competitiveness in the marketplace and overall profitability which will enable greater investment in more innovative technology, employees, and customers. It will also give existing users of the company’s software instant access to a broader set of integrated solutions.

Chris Huber, formerly Virtual Systems’ President, has been named as CEO of Print Reach and PagePath’s former President, Greg Witek, will serve as COO. Additional executive leadership team members include:

  • Nate Burns – as Director of Sales (coming from Virtual Systems)
  • Adam Witek – as Director of Customer Experience (coming from PagePath)

Adam Witek, Director of Customer Experience, makes this clear; “Servicing the needs of our current customers is critically important to our business. Existing teams will continue to build, market, sell, and service Virtual Systems’ and PagePath’s core products with a focus on ensuring the customer experience remains superior. In addition, our existing customers will have immediate access to a broader software portfolio.”

Print Reach makes a solemn commitment to its customers—to continue to enhance, maintain and support existing product lines. With upcoming releases already scheduled for Midnight, Printer’s Plan, and MyOrderDesk and Mail-Shop during this year, Print Reach will continue to create, support and enhance its solutions to ensure customers are meeting and exceeding their business objectives.

All existing Service Level Agreements and support arrangements will continue without interruption. Customers will continue to work with the same professionals who have always been committed to client success.

You will continue to work with your current Virtual Systems and PagePath Sales representatives and support contacts. Customers will notice in the coming weeks that communication will start to include the company name Print Reach, Inc. instead of Virtual Systems or PagePath Technologies. Please note that your current Virtual Systems and PagePath representatives will also be using this new domain name for their email addresses in the near future (

This merger offers numerous benefits to existing customers:

  • Immediate access to a larger software portfolio, including expanded MIS and Web-to-Print capabilities
  • Increased focus on the customer experience to ensure that existing customers obtain the maximum return from their software investments
  • Increased investment in innovation across product lines
  • Future expansion of product offerings through additional acquisitions within the commercial print industry

Customers should feel free to reach out to their current sales and servicing/support contacts if they have any questions or need additional information. Print Reach is committed to being proactive in communicating with every customer, any changes that may affect them. For more information, please visit