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    See What Our Web-to-Print, and MIS Customers Are Saying

    MyOrderDesk has increased our bottom line drastically. Moving our customers online has improved efficiency, cemented our
    customer relationships, and increased our customer retention rate to almost 100%.

    William Latson – Latsons Print Services, Inc.


    Public and Private
    Web-to-Print Storefronts

    Integrating with Printer’s Plan and Midnight, MyOrderDesk is the chosen cloud-based software solution for printers. Customers quickly order products, upload/proof files and submit reorders from the shop’s customized website.


    Estimating and Business
    Management Software for

    • Self Hosted or Cloud Hosted
    • Estimating
    • Custom Reporting
    • Invoicing & A/R
    • Cost Control
    • Scheduling
    • Job Tracking
    Best Suited for Small Shops


    A web-based MIS for
    printers and mailers

    • Web Based (Self Hosted Available)
    • Estimating & Invoicing
    • Custom Reporting & Job Costing
    • Scheduling & Workflow Management
    • Barcode Inventory
    • Integrated Mailing & Postage Accounting
    • Touchscreen Data Collection
    Best Suited for Medium to Large Shops

    Public and Private Web-to-Print Storefronts

    Robust web-based storefronts your customers will love and a support team of experts to back you up.
    The perfect match.

    A web-based MIS for printers and mailers

    Drive your whole business from the web, mobilize your sales force, streamline your projects and please your customers.

    Estimating and Business Management Software
    for Printers

    Robust web-based storefronts with a support team of experts to back you up. Strengthen customer relationships & offer the ability to order in multiple ways.


    I believe Printer’s Plan is one of the best kept secrets in our industry. We have been using this system for over 20 years. Printer’s Plan handles all of our needs from multiple locations to 40” print jobs.

    Mallery Mele
    Mele Printing

    We have been a customer for many years and have been completely satisfied with both the product and the service. They worked through numerous challenges that arose from customer concerns from shipping methods, online payments, job title editing and much more.

    Andrew Berman
    Spectrum Printing

    We stopped having our morning production meeting recently because it was redundant and all the info is in Midnight’s scheduling module. That’s a saving of 15 minutes for 8 people which is 2 hours a day or 520 hours a year at a labor rate of at least $25/hour = $13,000 labor savings.

    John Hodgman
    President of Direct Connection

    After reviewing a number of MIS systems, we chose to implement Midnight software and have since found it to be the ideal platform on which to run and grow this segment of our business.

    Matthew Fest
    American Visual Brands

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