TEC Mailing Solutions is a web-based address hygiene and mailing software solution. In order to use the TEC Mailing integration, a BCC or Satori account is required.

TEC Mailing Solutions offers two high level methodologies: Batch and Single Record. Within each of the methodologies are a variety of services to clean, update, and sort address lists.

Manage your contacts easily with less touchpoints with MyOrderDesk and TEC Mailing Solutions.

MyOrderDesk and TEC Mailing Solutions Integration

Within MyOrderDesk, a user must first identify a particular process to be performed on the end-users address data (examples: NCOALink and de-dupe). MyOrderDesk will then send a transaction to TEC Mailing Solutions to establish a job. Having received the transaction, the TEC Mailing Solutions Web Service API forwards it to the application servers within TEC Mailing Solutions’ data center. Based on the defined processes, your application receives a status update or an error response from the Web Service API.

Additional tasks you can do with TEC Mailing Solutions:

  • Calculate Final Postage
  • Presort Specifications
  • Upload Data Files and Presort Data