#5: Make multiple sales tax settings available in Printer’s Plan and then make the sales tax selection on the item level as opposed to the work order level. Aggregate all sales tax and show it in the sales tax field so the customer pays a total but we can see each individual on a report.


#27: Allow rich text in job notes / customer notes. For example, bold, bullets, etc.


#12: Delivery Slip Printing Options – Can the delivery slip be printed with select items only?

We commit to allocating 500 hours of development time to address feature requests. Once this allocation is used up, further development may cease, and there’s a chance that not all of the top three requests will be accommodated.

Is there a way to activate spell check in email function? Also, if I want to copy someone from our team on the email, I have to type their entire email address because they aren’t a contact on the account. Will a future version contain an “address book?”

Unfortunately, no. There is not a current option for Spell Check. We are hopeful this is something we can explore after updating to SQL. As for the emailing, if it is the same member, everytime, there is an option to BCC an email in the SMTP settings section. However, if it is occasional or different members, then this would have to be a feature request.

Can we connect our customers through Print Reach Pay to make ACH payments on their account? How do fees work with those transactions?

Yes. You can email ACH payment links similarly to credit card links. Currently, the ACH rate is 0.2% + $0.25 per transaction (that’s $2.25 on a $1000 transaction).

Is there an option to hide the program fee on the customer invoice?

The program fee does not currently show up on printed invoices from Printer’s Plan.

A handful of customers don’t show up in the Statements that I print each month. I also looked under the Past Due Statement list and a couple are there but some are not. Our bookkeeper is wondering if there is something that has been checked or not checked for these customers to not show up in the statement lists?

Yes, check the Send Statement field on the Customer Properties window.

Thank You for Your Feedback

“The hotel and conference space were great. My family and I really enjoyed being right on the beach and seeing the sun rises in the morning. Maybe consider catering in the lunch/dinner buffet style and let the hotel do breakfast only. Thanks to all for going out of their way to make this a great experience (especially to Julie :)!”

Kevin, Service Printing Corporation

“The venue and food were great! It was a very well-organized and fun event!”

Kyle, Konhaus Print & Marketing

“It was great to see/meet the Team at Print Reach in person, so we (both parties) can get to know each other face to face and build a strong relationship. I am eager to jump in with both feet and see what we can do!  Thank you!”

Steve, Kinker Press


  • The most helpful thing to me was seeing Paul demonstrate different things in PP, rather than a slide presentation. The networking time was also valuable.
  • Host at Jax Beach. Discuss the state of Print Reach. Discuss the state of the Product. Review recent Product features. Tips and Tricks. 500 hrs of dev.
  • Continue what you’re doing, providing users with product information such as promoting current and future features. Also allowing users to tell you of issues we’re having and of features we would like to see made available. You are also making it fun – looks like Print Reach is a great team.
  • Continue doing it right on the beach! Doing the 500 hours of work on features the users would like to see.
  • More training
  • I love the multiple shorter sessions covering a variety of topics. I also enjoyed Paul doing live demonstrations. Very helpful.
  • Present roadmap and take requests
  • Voting for feature enhancements was an excellent way to bring the best of what’s wanted by most to fruition for us. The process was cool to see and be a part of. Also great that so much of the staff was there. I know it’s expensive to gather you all, but it speaks volumes to see and meet the folks face to face and connect.
  • Open forum for support questions.
  • Venue – Perfect!
  • The tips and tricks and best practices were great.  The individual conversations about how others are using the product where also fantastic. The product voting was great.  I liked feeling like my investment of time drove the product development.
  • Feature request. Trouble shooting poll. Keep it all onsite. Having attendees in directory was a nice touch.
  • Everything, it was great!
  • Having open discussions about improvements to the software and user requests. The immediate feedback from your developers was excellent.
  • Continue taking feature requests.  This session was doubly valuable because it also brought up things that Printer’s Plan can already do that users were unaware of.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the event.  Everything was great, and leaving with new knowledge and new friends is always a plus.”

Eric, Concord Print Shop

“Overall it was a GREAT summit. Lots of learning and lots of connecting.”

Shannon, MonarchDIRECT

“Really enjoyed our stay. Learnt a lot during the sessions.”

David, Carruthers

“There was very good conversations that happened at my table…The group (and myself) challenged the team.  I appreciate that no one got defensive and seemed genuinely interested in our feedback.”

Ted, Pixa

“…I am already looking forward to the next one…Vegas right?”

Michael, Burke Printing


  • A longer session of “tips & tricks.” These were helpful and I wish we had spent more time on this. Would like to hear tips & tricks from other attendees as well.
  • Figure out ways to get more group discussion and collaboration. Incorporate more free time and opportunities to digest the information. Focused topic sessions (breakaways) for example, “Job Link Deep Dive,” “DJB – Deep Dive,” “MOD – MIS Integration.” Combine into a single summit with two tracks.
  • Keep doing what you’re doing.
  • Was excellent.
  • 1. Create Peer Groups for networking opportunities with printers that have roughly the same size employee count. 2. Make people hold questions until the very end of the sessions to ensure presenter has time to cover topics and helps keep attendees on track with what they are learning without being sidetracked. 3. Create mini session refreshers for each section (Jobs, Customers, AR, etc). We have been a user since 1999, but I only know what the original owner taught me when I started with the company 13 years. I know there are so many little things I don’t know that would make my life easier. Possibly send out an email prior to the conference asking attendees if there are certain things, they wish they knew how to do in the different sections. At PP, more than likely you already know the answers.
  • Expand conference to spend more time providing training on various areas of Printers Plan.
  • Show us beta versions, even if they are far off in the future. I think we are all hopeful that PP will be getting a facelift and become more seamlessly integrated with MOD and progress on with the Amazon experience. PP’s current “look” (for lack of a better term) is looking dated to our younger folks coming into the industry, and they are the ones looking for web-based interfacing (I think how MS-DOS programs looked to me when I started 30 years ago). Showing us something with some meat on it as far as a real visual upgrade will give us hope that in addition to what’s happening under the hood with the SQL upgrade, there will be something we can experience in our daily lives thats an improved version of the current. Contact me if you’d like more details on this.
  • Break up the lesson sessions. Back to back was a bit intense.
  • It might be worth considering how you could break up the group.  People that attended this year won’t be interested in the same content, but covering the basics are good for first time attendees.  I also saw a big difference in the sophistication of different users.
  • One on one / small group consults. Topic breakouts. Start to finish demos. Better snacks on break. 2 full days.
  • More accounting help.
  • Have some user led sessions on best practices or show some real world examples from their shops on how they use the program most efficiently.

“I thought the Summit was very well run, great venue, and had an excellent ROI.”

John, Campbell Print Center


  • The accounting presentation. I think everyone who uses PP uses the included A/R section already.
  • Murder Mystery. General topic sessions.
  • Nothing.
  • Nothing, I think you guys did a great job!
  • N/A
  • Nothing, it was really great. I know this event is an expense for both of us however, I see it as a mutually beneficial investment in securing our future together as partners. So, I guess my comment on what to stop would be stop waiting six years to get us together for a user/developer conference.
  • Cramming too much instruction in such a small time frame. Breaking up the lessons and maybe extending to two full days would be helpful. DO NOT ASSIGN SEATS!!
  • Laying the room out like a dinner party. Had to get a massage to fix my neck after day 1.

A Heartfelt Thank You to All the Attendees!