Watch the videos below to hear from previous Mail-Shop users who have improved their business and day-to-day workflow by upgrading to Midnight MIS.
Jennifer Burrell
CEO at Sun Print Solutions

When switching to Midnight, we quickly realized how fast the software is growing and frequently receiving updates. They are major enhancements which helps our company grow. Midnight is fast and very reliable, allowing access while at home, on the phone, etc. It is very exciting!

Jeromy Fritz
Presort, Inc.

After moving from Mail-Shop to Midnight, we noticed a huge increase in performance. Every step of the daily workflow process has been improved from beginning to end. From estimating, to invoices, down to the final sign-off of a work order, Midnight can process it all.

Upgrade to Midnight MIS

    Sean Connor
    Jet Mail Services, Inc.

    Upgrading to Midnight saved us on costs and expenses. From an infrastructure standpoint, it made more sense to move to the cloud, than having to rely on purchasing IT equipment, and personnel to maintain the local servers.

    John Hodgman
    Direct Connection

    With the benefit of backups and updates, making the switch was a cost saving and efficient solution. Midnight also exceeds in estimating, creating time-sheets, and more when compared to Mail-Shop! The upgrade was definitely worth it!

    It’s Easier Than You Think!