A web-based MIS for printers and mailers

Drive your whole business from the web, mobilize your sales force, streamline your projects and please your customers. Schedule a demo.


Cloud MIS for Print and Mail Shops

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Midnight’s integration with an online payment service allows customers to easily pay with credit cards.

  • Send “Pay Now” buttons via email
  • Store Credit Card numbers (PCI Compliant)
  • Make it easy on your customer, and get paid faster

Midnight Features You’ll Love

Midnight is 100% browser-based and can be run from either the cloud or on premise. All your data is backed-up in the cloud for ultimate security. Access your information from anywhere using any internet connected device.

Why Our Customers Use Midnight

  • Easy to use Interface

  • Cloud-Based MIS

  • Scheduling

  • Inventory

  • A/R Invoicing


  • Integrated Mail & Postage

  • Integrated Proofing

  • Client Portals

  • Mobile CRM App

The Midnight Workflow

From Sales to Payments


Midnight allows a user to literally estimate anything! From mailing to complex print work, Midnight does it all.

In-Person and Online Payments

Use “Pay Now” buttons to get paid faster and save time with consumer-managed ACH and Credit Cards. Offset transaction costs with convenience fees and view real-time payment updates. One support team for software and payments.

Accounting & Billing

From managing your postage and A/R invoices to exporting to your accounting software, Midnight has you covered.


Complex scheduling at your fingertips! Drag and drop order updates and granular task level management.


Utilizing one of Midnight’s pre-built integrations or programming using the Midnight’s API, anything is possible!

Midnight Integrations