Web-to-Print storefronts are a powerful tool based on a simple premise: Make the ordering process easier for the customer and for your business. This software program isn’t a marketing gimmick or just a customer-service delivery system. It’s a resource that positively impacts every aspect of your company.

At Print Reach we have worked with thousands of shops across the country. We’ve met with 5-person shops that are dominating their market because they were proactive in utilizing storefronts. On the other side of the coin, we’ve met with 300-person shops who are doing business as usual. This latter group is being reactive and will be scrambling to launch storefronts when their market share drops. We’re a bit worried about this group because, by the time their competitors have captured significant market share, it may be too late.

In this highly competitive industry, shops need to be proactive, which means embracing storefronts. Here are our top 7 reasons why this resource makes the investment a positive ROI:

  1. Retain Existing Customers. With storefronts, your customers have individual portals that make it a breeze to reorder standard items and proof content at a time and place that’s convenient for them. This speed and personalization makes your customers “stickier.” This type of entanglement means that they are more likely to stay with your business instead of shopping around.
  2. Capture New Customers. When your sales team meets with a prospect, if they demonstrate a personalized storefront, you are more likely to gain a new customer. The truth is, if you don’t have this resource, your competitors will. To grow your business, personalized storefronts are a must.
  3. Put Control in the Customer’s Hands. From reorders to proofing, a personalized storefront makes life easier for your customers. They can reorder standard products, such as letterhead and business cards, with a push of a button. Customers can proof and approve the order and track its process through your system if you desire. 
  4. Improve Your Customer Experience. Consumers today are used to ordering products online where everything from toothpaste to cars can be had with a click of a button. With a storefront, you provide the convenience of online shopping and deliver the customer-centric experience that they love. Follow this up with quality print jobs and you have created a great customer experience that will bring them back again and again.
  5. Increase Profitability. A storefront is a great resource for your customers that also saves you time and money. One of the biggest benefits is the increases in staff productivity. With so many tasks managed directly by the customer through their portal, you and your employees can focus on getting orders out the door rather than small, time-consuming customer interactions. Eliminating these interactions adds money to your bottom line.
  6. Improve Cash Flow. The ability to immediately collect money from a customer when submitting a job through their storefront is a win-win that helps you manage cash flow. Shops often rediscover hours of time-savings when opening this feature to their customers. 
  7. Gain a Competitive Advantage. Print shops with storefronts automatically have a competitive advantage over those that don’t because these systems deliver so much value to the customers. The sooner a shop invests in a storefront, the greater that advantage will be.

The advantages of integrating storefronts into your business are too numerous to address in a single blog. However, we can give you the bottom line: a print shop that is proactive in providing this service to their customers will have a strong advantage over those who wait.

Don’t wait.

If you invest in nothing else this year, invest in a robust and flexible storefront that provides the best customer experience while delivering time and money-saving benefits to your business. At Print Reach, the MyOrderDesk web-to-print system has all of the tools needed to achieve these goals and so much more. Contact us today to learn more about MyOrderDesk and request a demonstration.