How To Identify Good Candidates for your W2P Storefront

What are the benefits of a W2P System? I’m sure you’ve all read an article or 10. Maybe you’ve made your own list of how it can save your staff time. If you have that list, put it in a drawer, that isn’t what we want to focus on today. To find a good candidate for a Web to Print Solution, think back to conversations you’ve had over the years with the print buyer and what frustrations you’ve witnessed. Make a new list of all the benefits the solution can do for them. Then take a hard look at your best customers and see if you think any of those things could make THEIR lives easier. I’ll help you get started: 

  • Easy access to Order History.
  • Ensure all employees, facilities, etc. are printing the current version of their print materials. This can be especially helpful when they are rolling out a new logo/Identity.
  • Do scheduled check-ins to prevent frustration waiting on someone to return their calls. 
  • Make your shop open to orders 24/7. 
  • Include instant pricing. 
  • Offer opportunities to have their staff customize their own print materials.
  • Allow the option to place re-orders.
  • Make the status of the job, and delivery available at all times.  


How to Identify a Good Candidate

The first steps of identifying good candidates for your W2P storefront is to keep a sharp eye on print buyers.

Communicate to them the benefits of an online storefront. Explain the ease of use, and access with most mobile devices. Pricing costs can be changed at any time to reflect any promotional events. Product inventory can be maintained and updated in real time, and many more benefits.

What if they already have a W2P storefront? If so, great for them! But can it be improved upon? Is the shop a clutter that needs to be reorganized? Are the prices accurate and fair? Here is a chance you can assist someone who has already dabbled in storefronts, and help polish up their online presence.


How To Sell Your Customer On The Idea

In order to stay relevant and ahead of the competition, online stores are a necessity. To remain futureproof, where nearly every aspect of one’s daily life is done either via an app or online, it is important to embrace new technologies. Why not make life easier for the customers? Especially during these “unprecedented times”, ordering from home has never been easier. Orders can be placed with a simple tap on a phone or tablet. A customer no longer has to dig through emails, or spend time writing down and mailing an order form.


Building Their First Portal – Take It Slow

It is never a good idea to rush things. Break a lengthy process down into smaller steps to make sure nothing gets lost, or overseen. If a customer is ready to build their first storefront, explain to them that the process takes time and doesn’t have to wait until every item has been added to the storefront to start using it. Pick your most important, or frequently ordered items and start there.

Implementation specialists from the software vendor can help guide the customer step by step along the entire process, and answer any questions someone should have. By working together with the software vendor, the customer will always receive the best service possible.


How Using Professional Services Pays For Itself

Consider using Professional Services from your Software Vendor to get a Storefront up and running quickly. Your software vendor has a depth of knowledge about the product that can ensure things are set up quickly, and take advantage of the most efficient processes available. Software Vendors, such as Print Reach, can help with a variety of services such as building out the storefront from start to finish, creating custom reports, mass uploading data to avoid time consuming manual entries, and more. The time your staff will save for other important tasks at your facility will be well worth the cost.