Running a print shop is a challenging business where many expenses can add up quickly. As entrepreneurs, we are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs, which is why more and more print shop owners are turning to SaaS software.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based software solution that allows you to streamline your business operations, save time, reduce costs, and increase your profits.

In this post, we’ll look at three ways print shop SaaS software can help you save money.

#1 — Optimize Your Workflow Management

Your workflow is the heart of your business. And if you are doing a substantial amount of your work by hand, you have a far higher likelihood of making mistakes.

Thankfully, through SaaS, print shop owners gain access to a wide range of services such as order management systems, custom order report generators, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

These services are specifically designed to simplify the order management process, track progress, generate invoices, and enhance the overall customer experience for print shops.

Take Print Reach’s software solutions, for example: Midnight MIS (for medium to large shops) and Printer’s Plan (for small to medium shops) are two user-friendly systems that help businesses manage their teams, jobs, and customer relationships. These systems offer various features such as estimating, inventory tracking, order production, invoice optimization, and more — all in one simple, customizable platform.

#2 — Improved Accuracy and Reduced Waste

Printing errors can be costly, both in terms of materials and time. That being said, print shop software like Print Reach’s can significantly reduce the number of errors by improving accuracy and reducing waste.

Specifically, print shop SaaS software can provide valuable data and analytics, allowing you to identify areas where you can save costs and become more efficient. For example, the software can help you track how many orders you receive daily, weekly, or monthly.

This data can allow you to identify patterns, helping you adjust your production schedule as needed. Similarly, data on supplies and inventory can help you budget better for materials and purchase them more efficiently, ultimately saving you money.

#3 — Integrating Billing Automation

The billing process can be a huge headache for print shop owners. Keeping track of multiple invoices, sending reminders and follow-ups, and dealing with customer payments can take up a lot of valuable time. Furthermore, human error can easily lead to over- or under-charging customers, if not missing payments altogether.

By using print shop SaaS software, you can quickly generate invoices, send automated reminders, and even receive payments online, all without having to invest your time and money.

Furthermore, all of Print Reach’s software options — including MyOrderDesk — come equipped with PrintReach Pay, an advanced solution that simplifies your customer payment processes. With PrintReach Pay, your customers can easily make online payments with just a click of a button, thereby streamlining your payment collection process and enhancing your customer satisfaction!

Overall, from automating inventory management and billing processes to tracking employee hours, these software solutions can help you avoid costly errors while saving your time and resources.

So, are you ready to reach forward with Print Reach for your software upgrade? If so, we’d love to help you learn more! Reach out to our team and schedule your demo today by calling 888-581-3100!