In November 2020 we continued to update Midnight to version 6.9.6. This update brings you various improvements to existing ones, including some bug fixes. You can view all the changes here at our Midnight support page.

Purchase Order Header Updates

We have made some small but notable enhancements to the header of the Purchase Orders screen:

  • The first change is changing the Purchase Order type field from radio buttons to a dropdown menu. This setting (Purchase Order/Purchase Order Request) is still controlled through Global Settings.
  • The second change is the addition of the Estimate number to the Purchase Order header allowing the user the ability to associate an Estimate to a Purchase Order.
  • The third change is the addition of the Purchase Order Status.


Midnight/Fulfillment Integration – Product/Item

  • Link Midnight Items with Products within Midnight Fulfillment. Once linked, the Item Name, Description, Customer Part #, UPC Code & Unit Value will be synchronized when changed in either system.


Update Postage Markup By Mail Class

  • On the Postage tab in Estimates, a user can now bulk update the markup of postage line items by Mail Class using this new tool.