In July 2020 we updated Midnight to version 6.9.0. This update brings you various improvements to existing ones, including some bug fixes. You can view all the changes here at our Midnight support page.

Postage Profit Enhancement

  • The Midnight Postage Profit enhancement can be viewed in Estimates, Orders and Global Settings. Although this enhancement upgrades the postage handling features of Midnight it will not affect users who choose not to take advantage of it and your system will work as it has up to this point.

Payment Processing, Global Create Deposit Account

  • For users that don’t have a default deposit account setup this feature will allow you to create a new postage account for all customers in you system with one click. This removes the need to go into each customer and assign a deposit account.

Hide Credit Card Option

  • The system will automatically hide the credit card option if the admin has not entered a valid Merchant ID in the payment processing setup.

Bugs Fixed

  • Plate calculation bug as it applies to the new ink enhancement from 6.8
  • Added Vertical scroll bar to the Advanced Wide Format calculators additional services section to better handle large numbers of additional services.
  • Tax Codes now copy correctly with Simple Wide Format Calculators
  • Bug from 6.8 for adding new Print Product Templates have been resolved