April was filled with many MyOrderDesk updates. View all the changes in the MyOrderDesk Release Notes.

Updates to Print Reach Pay Payment Method

Print Reach Pay enables your shop to take credit card payments quickly and provide the best possible customer experience. We’ve become our own Merchant Processor and now have access to the lowest possible credit card rates. We can provide the technology AND technical support for your payment needs under one roof. Click here to learn more about Print Reach Pay.

  • For those using the new Print Reach Payment method, you now have the ability to allow your customers the option to store their credit and debit cards during checkout.
  • We added a new feature to define various Permissions (Roles) for your staff on who can access MerchantTrack, and what they can do once there.
  • If you have permission, you will now be able to access MerchantTrack from three areas: The Payment Method setup page, and also from the Job Detail page alongside the Payment Ledger information.

Additional Features and Updates Added this Month:

  • Integration with Midnight: In cases where you want one item to be submitted and other items you don’t, we didn’t have a way to do this. We now allow you to set the integration connection at the Item level so that you can filter items you do, and do not want to be submitted to Midnight.
  • We added a list of pages a particular Banner can be found throughout the site when viewing the list of Banners.
  • We added a list of Catalogs and Groups a particular Order Form is on when viewing the list of Forms.
  • And more..