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October 28, 2020

PIP Printing, Peoria, IL: Migrates to Printer’s Plan MIS

Jacksonville Beach, FL and Plano, IL. October 28, 2020. Print Reach, a provider of cloud-based print and mail business management software, announced PIP Printing, Peoria IL has successfully completed migrating to Printer’s Plan MIS and has greatly improved their existing automation processes.

“In the past, we’ve run OTPrint, and PrintSmith, but are most happy with Printer’s Plan. The fast and phenomenal support by my implementation specialist and the Print Reach support staff made our implementation process fun and enjoyable,” said Shane Parker, Executive Vice President and Managing Partner of PIP Peoria. “We noticed huge improvements in our workflow and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in upgrading their MIS or Web-to-Print systems. Simply do it! You will immediately see a large positive impact on your business.”

Not having to enter orders manually into the MIS software eliminates human errors and touch-points which paves the way for fewer interruptions and faster production times. Implementing a new MIS system is a big step which requires effort, but always worth it.

PIP Peoria’s implementation of Printer’s Plan saved their shop time and operating costs. Print operators quickly manage the flow of jobs with less touch points.

“Seizing the opportunity to automate a significant aspect of their workflow has greatly helped PIP Peoria speed up production. PIP Peoria is now able to fully automate their invoicing, proofing and the majority of their messaging duties through the implementation of Printer’s Plan MIS. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to helping PIP grow their business,” said Chris Huber, CEO of Print Reach.

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