The Print Reach Customer Summit 2019 was our largest user event to date and we thank everyone who chose to join us and make it a success. In response to the great feedback we received last year, we added more users to sit on the panels. This allowed customers to hear directly from their peers about how they are achieving success in their various markets. Many viewpoints were presented on how to increase sales and get more from the MIS programs, and the process was very interactive and informative.

Storefronts and Portals

Storefronts and portals were also a big topic at the Summit, with everyone wanting to know more. We discussed the Print Reach MyOrderDesk system and how it seamlessly integrates with both Midnight MIS and Printer’s Plan MIS. This integration means that portal-initiated orders are automatically entered into these systems as active orders to be scheduled and completed. This process saves our users’ time and reduces errors. MOD also makes reordering easy, which increases customer satisfaction and sales.

User Interaction Print Reach Developers and Leaders

On the second day, we held product-specific breakout sessions that allowed our customers to do a deeper dive into the systems they use every day. Most importantly, these users interacted directly with our development team and executive leadership. Our customers shared what we do well and where we can do better. And we listened. These comments will inform our product development over the coming year and we sincerely appreciate the input.

Summit Take-A-Ways

For us, the biggest take-a-ways from the Customer Summit were:

  • Appreciating that we have a core group of users who are actually disrupting the marketplace in innovative ways and committing to support their ongoing success.
  • Realizing that we want this market-responsive user group to grow, encompassing as many of our customers as possible, and find ways to make this happen.
  • Utilizing the feedback we received from the participants to inform our product development over the next year.
  • Needing to tighten the already strong links between our web-to-print storefront and our products to reduce touches and increase productivity.
  • Planning ahead for next year’s summit. We already have specific ideas on how to make next year’s event even better and can’t wait to get started.

From the feedback we received, our participants’ take-a-ways included:

  • Appreciating the opportunities afforded by storefronts, including creating “sticky” customers, saving time and increasing reorder speed.
  • Learning how to get even more value from their MIS systems.
  • Identifying ways to automate workflows which decreases the number of touches it takes to get a job out of the door.
  • Appreciating that once you’ve reduced one or two touches the automation process becomes easier and faster, resulting in fewer touches per job and increased efficiencies.

This year’s Summit was a rousing success, and everyone at Print Reach who participated in the event returned energized and ready to work to make our products even better. We will continue to innovate our systems to help our users respond to the market and grow their businesses.