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 February 23 2021, Jacksonville Beach, FL 

Printer’s Plan 2021 Now Available

Print Reach provides web-to-print and MIS solutions designed to meet the needs of small, mid and large print and mail providers. The company is pleased to announce the upcoming release of value-added updates to its Printer’s Plan MIS, scheduled for early 2021.

“We are very excited to announce Printer’s Plan 2021. Our customers will be able to streamline their payment system, accelerating the final processes of their customer’s orders,” stated Gregory Witek, COO of Print Reach. “This platform will continue to deliver highly efficient business management tools and enhancements, providing additional resources to our users.”

The new features are designed to streamline processes, and accelerate workflows, such as shipping and payment processing. New integrations allow for the easy printing and emailing of tracking numbers, giving customers more transparency to the status of their purchases.

Print Reach has improved upon existing features, such as Integrated Credit Card Processing for both MIS offerings, called “Print Reach Pay”. This brand new payment system has been developed by Print Reach. Store your client’s Credit Card numbers in a PCI-Compliant way, making re-orders fast with less touch points. “Because of our growing ecosystem, and the increasing amount of customers that we serve, Print Reach is now able to provide competitive transaction rates,” explained Paul DiAngelo, Product Manager of Printer’s Plan. “Additionally, an email message with a payment link can be generated from Printer’s Plan allowing the customer to pay for an invoice online.”

“By offering integrated credit card payments, and making the shipping process more transparent to our customers, we allow them to focus more energy, time and effort into accelerating their overall workflow,” explained Chris Huber, CEO of Print Reach. “We continue to survey our customers every year for new feature ideas. We value their feedback and find pride in delivering new value to our customers.”

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