Rescigno’s, located in the South-Chicago suburbs, has reached legendary status when it comes to print, mail, and marketing for non-profit organizations. Through their consulting and well-seasoned marketing strategies, Rescigno’s has helped its non-profit customers raise millions in annual gifts. For over 27 years, their team has been exceeding the customer’s expectations while at the same time advancing their technology and industry knowledge.

Many organizations, such as Rescigno’s, have had custom-built software running for long periods of time. As long as the original creators are available (and willing) to maintain and support their products, they tend to work well. The trouble comes when the software needs maintenance or changes, and nobody is able to do it. Getting this type of software to integrate with other systems also proves to be a challenge.

In our post-implementation review, Lee Owens (Director of Operations), told me the reason they switched to Midnight MIS was they were able to consolidate multiple custom software systems into one. He also told me the modern user interface makes it easy for their employees to navigate and get the information they need quickly. More questions and answers are below.


Q: Can you describe the implementation process?

A: I enjoyed how the implementation was built around me and the capacity to get it done. It didn’t feel rushed, but at the same time, I had a clear idea of what we needed to do to get the new software live. It’s a very user-friendly process. The work was definitely worth it.

Q: Where does Rescigno’s see the most benefit by switching to Midnight MIS?

A: Our old workflow had three different pieces of custom software that didn’t talk to each other. There were a lot of inconsistencies and we were losing time due to dual entry and having to navigate multiple systems. The biggest benefit comes down to have one source of truth for our data and being able to access it quickly.

Q: How has Covid-19 affected your business?

A: Because Midnight is Cloud-hosted, and accessed through a web browser, we were able to begin working out of our homes fairly quickly. It was nice not to be interrupted in that regard.

Q: Why did you choose Midnight MIS?

A: I’ve had previous experience with the product that came before Midnight (MailShop) and also EFI. We chose Midnight because I knew our user experience would be better. Quick technical support and great overall customer experience is something I knew I would get with Print Reach.

As Lee and the rest of the team at Rescigno’s continue to push their customer experience to the next level, we will enjoy doing the same to keep up with the changing software needs of print, mail, and marketing companies.

Adam Witek

Director of Customer Experience at Print Reach