A print and mail management information system (MIS) can be installed on your computers/servers locally or run as a cloud-based service. When installing locally, data storage and program usage is tied to computers and servers you physically own. These systems require manual upgrades, security challenges, and are not easy to access when outside the building working remote.. Cloud-based systems avoid these issues and offer 8 significant benefits for every size of print and mail shop.

  1. Global Accessibility. A cloud-based MIS can be accessed by those with appropriate permissions from any location that offers an internet connection. This allows people working from home, on vacation, and meeting with potential clients to access data, input information, monitor processes and more. With a cloud-based MIS, including our Midnight Print & Mail MIS and Printer’s Plan, everything you need to operate and manage your business is accessible 24 hours a day/7 days a week from anywhere across the country and around the globe.
  2. Accessible On Any Smart Device. Cloud-based systems are accessible from any computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone, so there is no need to purchase new or additional equipment to keep yourself and your employees connected and in-the-know.
  3. Increased Speed. Cloud-based systems are faster than locally installed ones because they are not limited by as many network components. In addition, locally installed systems are often slower during peak-usage times but this is not an issue with cloud-based MIS programs.
  4. Maximized Flexibility. With our cloud-based MIS software, you can add modules to address the needs of your growing business without the need to purchase an entirely new program or upgrade all your computers. As you expand your business model to incorporate web-to-print storefronts or add fulfillment services, we make this process streamlined and integrated into the MIS program.
  5. Improved Timely Data Entry. The ability to engage with the MIS from anywhere and at any time allows people from sales team members to accounting and billing staff to access, utilize and input data directly into the system as needed. With a cloud-based system there is no waiting to return to the office to translate scribbled notes into the client database.
  6. Increased Data Security. Your cloud-based MIS stores all data in the “cloud” which offers greater security than computer-based systems. In addition to increased encryption, the data can be securely accessed from anywhere. This allows an offsite CPA to access your data and complete tax forms and other documents securely rather than requiring you to collate the data and send by an unsecured email.
  7. Immediately Updated. With a cloud-based MIS, updates are available with a push of a button rather than waiting to receive an email, thumb drive or disk. With locally installed systems, these updates are often left in a drawer and unutilized because the staff doesn’t want to take the time and effort to upload them and manage any additional required tasks. In contrast, cloud-based systems are easy to update, which results in an MIS that is always current with the latest features and fixes.
  8. Increased Sales Call Effectiveness. Sales teams can meet with clients and provide immediate and accurate pricing, project estimates and projected delivery times without needing to make a call or return to the shop and provide information later. This client-centered responsiveness improves marketing efforts and increases new client acquisitions.

Print Reach offers cloud-based products through its Midnight Print and Mail MIS and Fulfillment Warehouse Management programs. With our Midnight MIS, you enjoy all of the advantages of a cloud-based systems and all of the features needed to support and maximize your shop. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demonstration.