Web-to-print has evolved from a nice added service that print and mail shops offered to their customers to a necessary business component that saves time, hassle and money. These platforms support great customer service, differentiate your business from the competition and have a positive impact on your bottom line. Five key benefits of Web-to-Print are:

1. Best of Both Worlds.

The print and mail business is competitive and customers have more purchase choices than ever before, making it difficult to attract and retain clients. With a Web-to-Print Platform, such as MyOrderDesk, existing customers will have the convenience of online order and proofing combined with the ease and lower cost of picking up the order when completed. This dual pronged-service can keep them from shopping their projects to other printers while at the same time attract new clients who prefer an online experience.

2. Fewer Touchpoints.

There is truth in the adage that time is money, and with Web-to-Print you and your employees can spend less time interacting with clients and more on billable work. This process is especially helpful with smaller or simple repeat jobs where each moment spent with the customer decreases an already tight profit margin.

3. Faster Reorders.

With Web-to-Print you can now offer customers the same quick-reorder convenience as online vendors. The ordering process is entirely in the client’s hands because they can view their job history and place orders based on that information. This customer-centric system helps retain existing clients and is a great selling point when marketing to new ones.

4. Reduced Proofing Time.

Customers love Web-to-Print systems because they can review and approve their orders from their computers or smartphones rather than going to the brick and mortar print shop to manage this task. Clients see the exact layout, text, and colors of their project from the customer portal and can quickly make edits or approve the copy for print. With online proofing, days of delays and setbacks can be avoided, which reduces customer frustrations and increases your profits.  

5. Improved Customer Communication.

Web-to-Print platforms will notify customers on the status of the project, including when it’s ready to be shipped or picked up. Systems such as MyOrderDesk automatically send these notifications at each job phase, which keeps customers updated and manages expectations. This level of communication is what customers expect because they receive it from online vendors and now you can deliver as well. A Print-to-Web system offers a great return on investment because it saves you time and money while increasing customer attraction, satisfaction, and retention. This platform also allows you to deliver the conveniences that clients already experience through online vendors but with the personal touch of a brick and mortar business.]]>