Virtual Systems, and Greg Witek, COO of Page Path Technologies, have known each other for years. Their companies offer complementary products for different clients along the continuum of small, midsize and enterprise print businesses. What connected these two men is that their companies were both founded on the commitment to deliver the highest quality products and exceptional customer service. Recently, Chris and Greg realized that they could better serve their clients by merging into one new company. From this realization, Print Reach was formed.

What the Merger Delivers

With the best interests of our clients in mind, Chris and Greg created Print Reach to:
  • Offer a broader range of solutions to companies of all sizes within the commercial and in-plant processing industry;
  • Integrate the best systems and tailor them to address each customer’s unique needs; and
  • Deliver scalable solutions for small, medium and enterprise customers.
This merger brings best-in-class products under one roof, resulting in increased value for our clients.

What Doesn’t Change

Although Virtual Systems and Page Path Technologies will no longer officially exist, Print Reach will:
  • Honor all current Virtual Systems and PagePath support and customer agreements;
  • Continue to innovate, deliver and support all current Virtual Systems and PagePath product lines;
  • Provide continuity by allowing you to work with your existing contacts; and
  • Maximize your company’s investment in our solutions.
While we have a new name, our commitment to our clients is unchanged.

Print Reach

Our goal in forming Print Reach is to provide quality products and service that drives real business value to our customers. This value will take many forms, including streamlined operations, lowered costs and improved responsiveness to customer demands. Under Print Reach we offer a family of integrated solutions that include:
  • Print and Mail Management Software
  • Shop Management Software
  • Web-to-Print Solutions for Printing, Mailing and Fulfillment Companies
  • Fulfillment Software
Together, we can achieve more.

Learn More

If you have questions about the merger and new company, please reach out to your normal contact or visit us at For those who would like to learn how Print Reach can help improve their operations, please visit our website or contact us to request a demonstration or other support.]]>