The addition of web-to-print storefronts to a print and mail shop provides great benefits to the company. It expands their market to reach new clients, improves client retention, stabilizes cash flow, and better manage orders and inventory. But what about the customers? Fortunately, web-to-print storefronts are a win-win that deliver significant benefits to your customers, too.

6 Customer Engagement Benefits

Print buyers love web-to-print storefronts, and here are the top 6 reasons:

  1. It’s About Them. Delivering a customer-centric experience is key to success in nearly every industry, and a web-to-print storefront delivers just that. Every client has their own portal that contains all relevant information, including templates, branding tools and more.
  2. It’s About Control. With a storefront, your customers have complete control over their brand, budget and inventory.
  3. It’s Convenient. They can create new orders, proof layouts, and check order status whenever they choose, rather than during your standard business hours.  
  4. It’s Time-Saving. Through the storefront, they can reorder standard products with a push of a button rather than completing repetitive fields each and every time they need to restock a standard item.
  5. It’s Flexible. From the storefront, users can customize content, create personalized marketing pieces, and design the print pieces they want to support the growth of their own business.
  6. It’s Responsive. With the storefront linked to your MIS, the customer can track their order through each stage of the process, so they always know what’s going on.

As a result of these six customer benefits, they become loyal to your business. This level of engagement means that they will return to their storefront, and your business, again and again rather than shop a project around for a better price. It’s also important to remember that a customer who is loyal to your business is more likely to recommend it to someone else.

MyOrderDesk by Print Reach is a web-to-print storefront that delivers all of these benefits to your customers, while providing the support you need to streamline process and save time. Stay competitive, stabilize cash flow and exceed customer expectations by implementing MyOrderDesk today.  Contact us to learn more and schedule a demonstration.