Your Print MIS should be a valuable and robust tool that helps your shop run more efficiently by automating routine functions, improving productivity and increasing profitability. While initial satisfaction with the system may be high, over time frustrations creep in. Soon you begin to wonder if it’s time to upgrade or stick with the system you already have. But how do you know?

8 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade

Whether or not to upgrade your print MIS is a big decision, but here are the signs that tell you it’s time:

  1. You’re Asking the Question. The fact that you’re considering if it’s time is telling you that it is. Enough frustrations, challenges, and issues are occurring that, deep down, you know your MIS needs an upgrade.
  2. You Have a Legacy Product. A legacy product is one that is no longer being actively developed and improved by your vendor but has not yet been fully retired. You are working with the final version of this system and can expect no further upgrades. This will, over time, place you at a competitive disadvantage.
  3. You Have a Poor Relationship With Your Vendor. There are many red flags that demonstrate that you need a new vendor. These include: email-only based technical support, you are ignored by your account manager, there are long response times to questions and requests, problems are not addressed in a timely manner, etc. 
  4. You are Using an Increasing Number of Other Software Applications. It’s one thing to integrate other applications with your MIS, it’s another to run other software besides your MIS. If you rely on additional software to perform basic functions or need to log into various applications separately, it’s time for an upgrade.
  5. You Want More. If your business would benefit from additional automation features and integration options to other applications, it’s time to change. Quality MIS products provide these resources and if yours doesn’t have them by now, it probably never will.
  6. You Need a Storefront. A storefront is the best way to grow your print shop and if your MIS can’t integrate with one, your customers and market share are at stake.
  7. You Want a Cloud-Based System. A cloud-based MIS makes everything easier because you can access it from nearly any device from almost everywhere you go without the overhead of maintaining a server. Older MIS systems often have limited cloud capabilities with the latest technologies.
  8. You Want Your Business to Grow. The right MIS can have a significant, positive impact on your print shop, making it more competitive and productive. Upgrading to a new MIS is making a commitment to the future of your business.

4 Excuses not to Upgrade Your MIS (And Why You Should do it Anyway)

There are reasons that hold shops back from upgrading their MIS, and the most popular are:

  1. “It’s Too Expensive.” Yes, upgrading to a new MIS is an investment, but it is also a tax write-off and, more important, many experience excellent ROI. All Print Reach products have a great ROI and in reality, you’re probably losing money by not purchasing our systems.
  2. “It Can’t Do Everything I Want.” True. No system can. Instead of holding out for a mythical MIS that will meet your every need, find one that is flexible and robust enough to become what you want. Our powerful MIS systems have everything you need, and our API module allows you to integrate additional programs so you can customize it the way you want.
  3. “We’re Comfortable with What We Know.” We understand. However, you will need to upgrade your system eventually and you don’t want to wait until you’ve lost significant market share to do this.
  4. “Changing to a New MIS Takes Too Long.” Transitioning to a new MIS does take time and commitment, but this is where quality customer service comes into play. At Print Reach, we acknowledge this and deliver exceptional customer service. We will work with you before, during and after implementation to make sure everything goes smoothly. We value our customers and are committed to assuring that our system works for you.

In today’s competitive market, holding on to an outdated MIS places you at a competitive disadvantage. While we understand the anxieties you might experience regarding the decision to upgrade to our MIS products, we are confident that they will deliver what you need to take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more or ask for a demonstration so you can experience our print MIS products for yourself.