Paul DiAngelo is the Product Manager of Printer’s Plan at Print Reach and is one of the many people who keep our customers happy and help us achieve our goals. Printer’s Plan is our product designed to serve “family shops” with between 1 and 15 employees and was in fact created by a couple who owned and operated a print shop and felt that there was a better way to manage processes.

From Printer’s Plan to Print Reach

Working out of the company’s Baltimore office, Paul has been a part of Printer’s Plan since 1999. “Printer’s Plan was founded in 1986 and I came on board in 1999. Initially, my job was to transition the product from DOS to Windows but I also helped the owners evolve the product and eventually became a key part of it.” The focus of Paul’s work is to ask, “What can I do to provide better solutions to our customers.”

When Printer’s Plan was purchased by PagePath Technologies, Paul became an employee of this company and transitioned again when PagePath Technologies merged with Virtual Systems to form Print Reach. “I’ve always been with Printer’s Plan and have enjoyed seeing the processes change as it has evolved into a Print Reach product. PagePath and Virtual Systems have very similar cultures, making it a great fit for everyone.”

Enjoying Challenges

Within Print Reach, Paul’s focus is on Printer’s Plan because he has worked on this product for so long and truly understands its capabilities. With regard to this system, he oversees every aspect of everything that goes into it, with a focus on customer needs. He also participates in technical aspects of sales calls and everything else related to Printer’s Plan.

Of all of the responsibilities Paul has regarding Printer’s Plan, his favorite ones are working with customers and providing great service as well as creating the evolution of Printer’s Plan to help customers and the industry. In addition, he loves the challenges of continually evolving this system by:

  • Anticipating needs;
  • Using the latest tools and technologies;
  • Integrating customer feedback;
  • Working to remain at the forefront of the industry; and
  • Improving the connections between Printer’s Plan and MyOrderDesk, our web-to-print storefront.

As Paul says, “I like to do things to the fullest. I don’t deliver half-solutions but instead, put forth my best effort.”

On a Personal Note

In addition to being a valued member of the Print Reach team, Paul has been married to his lovely wife Heidi for 16 years. Together they enjoy spending time together and traveling with their three girls, Alva age 10, Esther age 7 and Oswynn age 4.

As a family, they are active members in their church in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Paul and Heidi have volunteered in different parts of the youth ministry over these past 16 years. As time permits, Paul enjoys playing soccer and getting in a good workout at the gym. 

With his extensive knowledge of Printer’s Plan and his love of evolving this product, Paul is a great member of the Print Reach team. To learn more about Printer’s Plan, MyOrderDesk and Midnight Print and Mail MIS, contact us today to schedule a demonstration.