Implementation of a new MIS can be challenging. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is not knowing your complete process and what role the new system will play. It is essential to map out the current process and identify who will be completing each step of the process. A new MIS is not a magic bullet. If processes are broken, the MIS may be able to improve workflow, but it will not solve all the current issues.

Do not try to make your new system a copy of the old system. Obviously, there were good reasons for the purchase of a new system. All too often we see implementations take a turn for the worse when clients start to customize the new system with old system features. A new MIS is a clean slate and a chance to build a new way. Reach out to your MIS Implementation manager to explain what your old system may have done better. Be open-minded with alternative processes and solutions. Avoid stalling implementation of the new MIS waiting for every item to be perfect. Identify what items are crucial to run your new system successfully and what items are “Nice To Haves”. Until users start working in the system, everything is theoretical. Take the plunge and start reaping the benefit of the new system.