In June 2020 we updated Midnight to version 6.8. This update brings you an exciting new feature, as well as various improvements to existing ones. You can view all the changes here at our Midnight support page.

CardConnect Midnight Payment Processing

  • CardConnect. We have added a new payment processing module in Midnight that allows you to receive and process payments through Card Connect.

Print Calculator Ink Enhancement

  • Print Calculator Ink Enhancement. This improvement now allows you to manage inks for offset printing individually. You are now able to adjust the coverage and price for each color as well as add or delete inks as needed.

Create Paper PO Link

  • This is a quick link in Purchase orders that will import all inventory items with an item type of paper or Envelope into the PO quickly and easily.

QuickBooks 2019+ Export File

  • QuickBooks 2019. We have added a new QuickBooks 2019 export file option. This export file works with the current QuickBooks 2019 and newer import validation option. Their new validation option will verify the data that you are importing and check for any errors or missing data in QuickBooks. If there is an error with the import, a new file is created that will show why the import failed.