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June 10, 2020, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Subject: Terri Wymore joins Print Reach

Print Reach announced today that Terri Wymore has joined the company, and will be leading the e-commerce solutions team. Wymore has spent more than a decade managing and delivering successful web-to-print software to the commercial and inplant printing marketplace, including holding the position of product manager for Aleyant’s Pressero software.

“Terri will be a pillar in Print Reach’s continued success by bringing new e-commerce features to our software platforms such as MyOrderDesk, Printers Plan, and Midnight,” said Chris Huber, Print Reach’s CEO. “Her ability to push Web-to-Print software to the next level will help our customers evolve their businesses in a changing marketplace.”

“Joining Print Reach is a wonderful opportunity for me,” said Wymore. “I’m impressed with the suite of products they have brought together and I’m excited to be part of the company’s continued growth. I look forward to talking to our customers so I can learn about their needs and new features they’d find useful. That way, I can help set the short and long term vision and strategy for Print Reach’s e-commerce platform.”

About Print Reach

Although the name Print Reach may be new to you, the company was formed by two of the strongest pioneers in the commercial print and direct mail software industry who have developed the well-known products Midnight MIS, Printer’s Plan MIS, and MyOrderDesk Web-to-Print. The merger of Virtual Systems and PagePath Technologies was announced in 2019 when both companies recognized a gap in the industry where an all-in-one software ecosystem was desired by both small and large print & mail marketing companies. Web-to-Print and MIS products and experts are now under one roof to help printers, mailers, and marketers streamline their workflow and make them more profitable and efficient.

For more information contact: Adam Witek, Director of Customer Experience 888-581-3100