May was filled with many MyOrderDesk updates. View all the changes in the MyOrderDesk Release Notes.

Enhanced Integration with Printer’s Plan for Print Reach Pay Customers

If you are taking advantage of the integration with Print Reach Pay as your Credit Card Processor, MyOrderDesk is now passing the Transaction ID to Printer’s Plan along with the Credit Card type (Mastercard, Visa, etc.). Click here to learn more about Print Reach Pay.

Apply Tax After the Discount 
We now have an option to apply Tax after the Discount has been taken rather than before. Any discounts already created will have the checkbox Enabled (checked) so that the behavior is consistent with current behavior.

Re-Push a Job from MyOrderDesk into Midnight MIS
You can now re-push a job to Midnight when needed. This feature is best when for some reason, the order didn’t make it to Midnight.

Other Features and Updates worth Noting

  • We have made a few changes to the Order History page.
  • We are now passing all Job files to Printer’s Plan.
  • UI Updates – We continue to replace old Table Grids throughout MyOrderDesk and update the various page layouts.