Print King in Evans City, Pennsylvania is a full-service printing company with over 40 years of experience. They are a creative provider of high quality printed communication products. With the ability to provide both digital and offset production methods, they are a leader in printing technology. Print King strives to not just meet their client’s expectations, but to exceed them. They act as consultants, guiding their clients toward the best solutions possible to help them increase revenues and enhance their image. Services include Graphic Design, Mailing, as well as Finishing, Signs and Banners, Promotional Items, and Garments.

Print King’s implementation of Printer’s Plan saved their shop time and operating costs. Print operators quickly manage the flow of jobs with less touchpoints, thanks to the features of the integrated Web-to-Print solution, MyOrderDesk.

I had a chance to discuss the implementation process with Rick Morgan, Owner of Print King.

Q: Can you describe the implementation process?

Rick: The staff and support team at Print Reach were well prepared for any questions we had during the process. The switch from EFI Print Smith to Printer’s Plan MIS went smoothly and according to our pacing. The overall experience was very friendly and supportive throughout the entire process. The migration was definitely worth the effort.

Q: Why did you choose Printer’s Plan MIS?

Rick: We’ve used EFI Print Smith in the past and couldn’t pass the opportunity to improve our systems by upgrading to Printer’s Plan. This upgrade provided new automation for our daily workflow, allowing us to process and execute orders quickly without additional time-consuming steps. The integration between MyOrderDesk and Printer’s Plan has also accelerated the production time and decreased the number of times we need to touch a job. Printer’s Plan has also helped us improve our production overview by defining specifications and prices for jobs. Our inventory can now track materials such as paper weight, type, and size for easy processing.

Q: Where does Print King see the most benefit by switching to Printer’s Plan MIS?

Rick: When examining our workflow as a whole, integrating Web-to-Print storefronts with our new MIS system saved us a lot of time. We don’t have to manually enter orders into our MIS when they come from the storefronts, which eliminates human errors. This creates less touchpoints, fewer interruptions, and faster production times.

Q: How has Covid-19 affected your business?

Rick: We process a large number of business card orders every day. Like others, we saw those orders decline quite a bit over the initial months, but we’re seeing it grow steadily back up. Because Printer’s Plan is cloud-hosted, it helped us make a smooth transition from working locally at our shop, to working at home.

Recognizing and capitalizing on the opportunity to automate their workflow has significantly helped Print King speed up production. Print King is able to get orders out the door faster, as more time is available for other tasks. The combination of Printer’s Plan and MyOrderDesk was a great choice for Print King and we are honored to help them grow their business.

Adam Witek

Director of Customer Experience at Print Reach