Printers and mailers are asking us how they can better sell their customers on the idea of using a web-to-print storefront . This article serves to supply you with the knowledge and tools to do just that. Below you’ll learn how to pitch the most meaningful benefits of an online storefront. We’re also including pre-built collateral and an email template that can be downloaded and customized to generate customer interest.

Before you begin – Identify a Product Champion

Would you have your sales personnel mocking up business cards in InDesign? Would you have your graphic designers making cold calls? Hopefully not. The same is true with web-to-print storefronts. If you’re finding it difficult to get the ball rolling, chances are you haven’t identified or promoted a product champion. We find the most successful printers and mailers have someone internally who is familiar with the web-to-print software and can make changes and additions quickly. If you don’t have the resources available, contact your web-to-print vendor and find out if they will build the storefronts on your behalf.

Before you begin – Decide on Price

“How much should I charge my customer to set up a web-to-print storefront”. This is a tough question, and often time depends on how much would be involved. If you think getting some skin in the game from your customer is would help drive adoption, here are some common practices we see:

-Charge a $500-$1000 onetime setup fee

-Charge $30-$50/mo

-Offer lower prices if they order through their storefront.

Key selling benefits of a Web-to-Print Storefront

Like most sales processes, we highly recommend you find out your customer’s pain points and then use the features and benefits below to solve them.

  1. Faster Ordering and Re-Ordering
    Why dig through old emails and rummage around looking for the correct file when you can quickly log into the storefront and place a new order or place a reorder in seconds? Quickly order as personal profile information is automatically added to products.
  2. Eliminate the proofing process
    No one enjoys sending a business card back and forth with small changes. Online storefront users see a proof of exactly the product they’ll be receiving in real-time.
  3. Consistent branding
    There’s a difference between “1S 59th road” and “1 South 59th Street”. Consistent branding standards are great for business and your sanity. Using a storefront ensures you’ll get consistency every single time you order.
  4. Eliminate the go-between
    Are you one person ordering on behalf of others? The tools and consistency offered by an online storefront allow you to get out of the middle. Add an order “approver” for an added layer of security.
  5. Email Updates
    Receive email updates and tracking numbers for orders placed through the online storefront.

“What if the customer won’t use the storefront we setup for them?”

Most web-to-print websites allow you to login on your customer’s behalf and submit an order. It’s CRITICAL you do this for them in the beginning if they refuse. It demonstrates your commitment to the store front and the customer also benefits from the email notifications and order history. It might take a few rounds of submitting the order on their behalf, but they’ll warm up to the idea as long as you do.