Yelp is a free online service that allows your audience to find more information about your print and/or mail shop. One of Yelp’s most used features is customer reviews. More and more businesses and consumers are relying on reviews to determine whether or not a company takes its customers seriously, and what kind of quality the company offers in their products and services. Your Yelp page makes it easier for customers to find and visit your business and contribute to your SEO, internet presence, and customer engagement.

Here’s how you can start:

1. Claim Your Business on Yelp
Google the name of your business, and add “Yelp” behind it. If the business can be found on Yelp, click on the page, and underneath the field which reads “Is this your business?” click on “Claim this Business”. Follow the steps to claim your business on Yelp!

2. Getting Started on Yelp
Can’t find your business on Yelp? Go to and click on “Get Started” to begin creating an account on “Yelp For Business Owners”.

3. Select the Business Type
Simply select the type of business. If it is not on the list, click “Add New” to continue, and add your business’ information.

4. Create An Account
Enter a valid email address and create a password to begin a Yelp account. Once done, there should be a verification code in the email. Simply copy and paste the code into the field to continue. Alternatively, there is a number to call to activate the account.

5. Verify the business
Your company may already be listed on Yelp. Be sure to see whether or not it is, and if it is, be sure to claim and verify it.

Here is how you can claim your business:

  1. Go to your business page on Yelp.
  2. Click on “Claim this business”.
  3. Confirm that the phone number for the business is correct. Click on “Call Me Now.”
  4. Yelp should send you a code. Enter the code into your phone.

Should the business not be listed, add it, and then verify it. For additional information and support on how to verify the business, please click here.

Managing Reviews
Reviews can help make or break a company. Pay attention to what customers are saying, by keeping an eye on the reviews. There might be valuable feedback about a customer’s experience. Therefore it is extremely important to respond to all reviews, regardless if it is positive or negative. This shows the business has excellent customer service, and takes their feedback seriously.
If you want to remove a review, first flag the review you wish to remove. A Yelp moderator will then approve or deny the request.

Additional Tips:

Use the website or Yelp app to view analytics such as customer activity, reviews, page views, and more.

Use Categories Properly
Keep it easy for customers to find the business through a search. If there are additional services at the shop, be sure to include that under “Categories”. The business can be listed in only three categories.

While we recommend the two major categories for printers: Local Services and Mass Media, if you are struggling to find a category that is best suited, check out Yelp’s full list of categories here.

Add Extra Photos and Captions
Yelp states that a business with at least one photo will receive 128% more phone calls from their business page. Make the business page more attractive by adding photos of the buildings, products, and even the staff members. Capturing these photos allows customers to visualize what the business does.

Holiday Hours
Be sure to keep your page updated with days your shop is closed. Put an appointment in you calendar to remind yourself to update these times.

Fully Complete your Page
Every business has a history, and a story to tell. Tell yours under the “History” section and don’t forget to include future plans. Having the page fully completed will lure more customers. On average, a business with a completed page may receive up to twice the websites clicks and phone calls.