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We know that your business is your livelihood, and we want to make sure that business improves no matter the situation. While businesses across the country are reopening, now is the perfect time to ensure that your business is up to speed with a payment acceptance strategy to fit for the unexpected.

That’s why we’ve created a new powerful, secure, and seamlessly online payment processing feature to the Print Reach software you know and love.



5 Ways Your Business Could Benefit From Online Payments


1. Convenience For Your Customers

Providing a safe and secure payment experience today is more important than ever before, not only for your payment processing needs, but most importantly for the safety of your customers and employees.


2. Built to Save You Time and Money

Online payments was designed specifically to save your business time and money by eliminating costly tasks such as manual reconciliation and data entry prone to human error.


3. Improved Cash Flow

Sending invoices and chasing down customers due to bounced checks is another costly downside of ACH. Accepting credit cards in person, online, or even on your mobile device allows you to collect real payment, anywhere, anytime. Plus, with Next Day Funding you’ll never wait to get paid.


4. Increased Sales 

Credit Card payments are not only faster and more convenient, but when given the option to pay by card, the customer’s willingness to spend larger amounts on your service increases.


5. Legitimacy

Over 80% of consumers today prefer to pay by card, providing customers with the option to pay by credit card adds a new level of credibility to your business and opens the door for new customers.