The Print Reach Story

Although the name Print Reach may be new to you, the company was formed by two of the strongest pioneers in the industry. April 2019, the merger of Virtual Systems and PagePath Technologies was announced. Both companies recognized a gap in the industry where an all-in-one ecosystem was desired by both small and large print & marketing companies. Learn more about the merger and story next in our video.

The Executive Team at Print Reach

Chris Huber

Chris Huber


Chris Huber is the CEO and co-founder of Print Reach, Inc. Prior to this he was the founder and president of Virtual Systems, a company with a history of 23 years of creating business management software solutions for the print and mail industry. Software created by Virtual Systems has been installed by hundreds of companies throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Chris is a native of Issaquah, WA and holds degrees in business administration and management information systems from Washington State University. He now lives in Jacksonville Beach, FL with his wife and 2 children. On his free time he enjoys RV-ing, drumming and world travel.

Nate Burns

Nate Burns

Director of Sales

Nate Burns is the Director of Sales for Print Reach, Inc. Prior to this he had been the Business Development Director for Virtual Systems since 2013, bringing 20 years of management and business development experience in a variety of small businesses. His primary focus is to help companies leverage the full range of products within the Print Reach suite. These powerful software programs can be deployed by any size company in the Printing, Mailing and Fulfillment industries. In today’s world of cloud based computing and mobile applications, companies need to find ways to capitalize on this technology. Nate holds a bachelor degree in business and his past times include boating, golfing, and enjoying family time with his wife and five children.

Greg Witek

Gregory Witek


Greg Witek has co-founded Print Reach, Inc., and serves as its COO. For all his career, Greg has been a part of successfully harnessing and delivering leading-edge technology for clients. In his most recent 20+ year role leading PagePath Technologies, his teams have helped pioneer advancements in printing tech, most notably, web-to-print, portals, and storefronts. Seeking to expand the reach of their solutions, PagePath acquired Printer’s Plan MIS in early 2018, married it with their MyOrderDesk suite, and delivered a front-to-back solution for small & midsize print providers. Greg lives in rural Kendall County, IL with his wife, enjoying 3 grandkids, the perpetual maintenance of 15 wooded-acres, serving a few non-profits as a board member, and the exhilaration of being a volunteer fire fighter.

Adam Witek

Adam Witek


Adam Witek is the Director of Customer Experience at Print Reach. He was previously the General Manager of PagePath Technologies. Beginning with PagePath in 2004, he’s led teams in several disciplines, from server protection and administration, through product and interface design, to client support and sales. In March 2018, PagePath acquired the well-known MIS system, Printer’s Plan, and Adam was instrumental in bringing the products and cultures together to create an exceptional front-to-back solution for PagePath’s customers. Adam is all about growth! Expanding PagePath’s successful in-plant client count by over 200%, and continuing to grow that number today. He lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and daughter.



Virtual Systems & PagePath Merge to form Print Reach, Inc.


PagePath acquires Printer’s Plan MIS


Virtual Systems launches Midnight MIS software for the commercial printing industry. It was the first fully cloud based management platform created specifically for larger commercial printers, mailers and marketing service providers.


Virtual System releases Mail-Shop software. The software eventually grew to become the most widely used order management system among mailing companies in the USA and Canada.


PagePath announces MyOrderDesk, the first Web-to-Print system of its kind, using the Internet to connect customers and move print orders, proofs, and production files.


Virtual (Information) Systems is formed as a custom software development firm.


The LAUNCH! product suite is released, as the first technology available to move printing files from designer to production center using telecommunications (do you remember modems?).


PagePath Technologies’ predecessor, Computerized Forms Management is created to help large printing buyers increase efficiencies by building a database of all their printed items’ print specifications and bidding/buying annually.