In December 2020 we updated Midnight to version 6.9.7. This update brings you various improvements to existing ones, including some bug fixes. You can view all the changes here at our Midnight support page.


Purchase Orders in Estimates

  • Users now have the option to create pre purchase orders in estimates in Midnight. When an estimate is converted into an order the pre PO will then convert into a request or PO depending on the settings in Midnight.

Inventory in Estimates

  • The inventory tab has been introduced into the Estimate module of Midnight. This now allows user to add inventory items to an estimate, these items will not be reserved until the estimate converts to an order.

Frequently Purchased Services in Vendors

  • The vendor setup now has the ability to define frequently purchased services. This enhancement will be used with future improvements coming to the PO module.


Custom Paper in the Print Calculator (Orders Module)

  • The print calculator can now accommodate custom or one time use papers. These papers will not be tracked in inventory and will only exist for the order it is used on.