August and September were filled with MyOrderDesk updates and new features. View all the changes in the MyOrderDesk Release Notes.

New Support for DocMart Production Files

  • Are you managing a lot of production files for your customers’ static products? If so, MyOrderDesk just added some functionality that should save you and your staff time and possible errors in the future. We now have a field for you to reference a production file that has been uploaded to the File Library.

Custom Domain Hosting and Security Certificates (SSL)

  • MyOrderDesk now supports Custom Domains for your storefronts. As part of this update, we will also secure a SSL certificate for every custom domain added to the storefront. You may choose to continue hosting your site under, but you can now host your MyOrderDesk site with a custom domain, or set a Custom Domain to frame in MyOrderDesk.

Updates to Denied Users Management

  • Previously, when a user was removed from the Site, their account was moved to the Denied folder, but they were still displayed in the “Everyone” group list. This could cause some difficulty in managing users in sites that had a large number of users.