Whether it’s in-person or online, Print Reach Pay enables your shop to take credit card payments quickly and provide the best possible customer experience.

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Print Reach Pay Features

  • Send “Pay Now” Buttons
  • Add a Program Fee
  • Hardware Terminals
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Save Card Info
  • Consolidate Vendors
  • PCI Compliant

We’ve become our own Merchant Processor and now have access to the lowest possible credit card rates. We can provide the technology AND technical support for your payment needs under one roof.

Not Available Outside of the United States

Simplified Pricing

2.95% + 0.10

Per Transaction (Average)

  • Send “Pay Now” Buttons

  • Consumer-Managed Wallets

  • In-Person and Online

Customized Pricing

Processing $5,000+ per month?

  • Volume Discounts

  • Interchange Pricing

  • Lower Card Brand Fees

Integrated MyOrderDesk Checkout

In-Person Swipe or Chip for Walk-Ins

Website and Email “Pay Now” Buttons