The leadership and key employees of Print Reach participate in Industry Expos across the country and throughout the year. This participation represents both a significant expense to our company and a commitment to our users, and we continue each year because of the value we receive from these experiences. These values include:

Connections with Current Customers 

One of the best aspects of attending expos is meeting our active users. Whether it’s learning how our system meets their needs, identifying places where they would like to see changes, or simply hearing about their shop and its success, we love having face to face time with them. These interactions also let us share recent updates and discuss features that the customer may not be using but which could improve their workflows. At expos, we take the time to truly listen and connect with the people who use our systems, learn from their experiences and apply this knowledge in the form of updates or requested custom modifications.

Meeting Potential Customers

If you’ve ever spoken with any Print Reach employee, you know that we are passionate about what we do and love to share this with others. Expos allow us to take this passion on the road. At these events, we have the opportunity to present our products to print and mail shops of all sizes and demonstrate the value of our systems. Not every visitor to our booth becomes a new client, but each of them is valued for their willingness to take the time to share their needs and listen to us present possible solutions.

Remaining Current in the Print and Mail Industry

We take every step possible to stay current with the trends of the print and mail industry so that we can help our customers understand them and anticipate the impacts and opportunities they present. Often what we hear at expos reinforces what we already know, which is of value in and of itself, but sometimes we get a little nugget of information that gives us a better understanding of a market or process. We take what we learn, evaluate our products to determine if they support our customers’ needs in this area, make modifications if needed, and share these insights with our users through blogs and other communications. We always know where the industry stands now and anticipate where it is headed so that we can support our customers’ success in their markets.

Create Relationships with Other Vendors

No MIS software can do it all, and it shouldn’t. While most shops have similar operations, each one has preferences in related systems, such as accounting, and a robust MIS supports this process. Through Midnight’s Full Rest API, our clients can seamlessly integrate other programs into their system, customizing it to meet their needs. When we attend an expo, we search for the best support products on the market and establish relationships that allow us to add these programs to our API catalog. Our goal is to connect these programs to our systems to support our users by giving them access to the best tools in the marketplace.

2020 Calendar

This year we are currently scheduled to attend nine events and will be adding more to our calendar throughout the year. If you are also planning to attend any of them please stop by our booth and put faces to the Print Reach names and voices on the phone or, if you have met us in the past, let us know how you’re doing and if there is anything we can do to further support your success.

The value we receive from attending these expos really boils down to interactions with others including current users, potential customers, industry experts and vendors of support products. It doesn’t matter how many expos we attend, we always find value from each one, and look forward to taking our show on the road for the next one. Hope to see you soon.