A Print Management Information System (MIS) is a software or internet-based business tool that automates key functions, integrates processes and produces actionable information for decision making. Some of the most notable features of a Print MIS includes estimating, job tracking, invoicing, customer management, and job scheduling.  Companies using Print MIS experience increased efficiencies, lower costs and improved customer satisfaction. Through a Print MIS, organizations have immediate access to a real-time overview of their operations and the detailed information needed to keep it running smoothly.

Benefits of a Print MIS

There are numerous benefits to using a robust Print MIS and the most impactful ones for increased efficiencies and cost savings are:
  • Improved Job Estimation. Profit margins are protected when using the comprehensive job estimation module of a Print MIS, which captures every cost item so there are no unfortunate surprises later.
  • Increased Productivity. The best Print MIS packages allows scheduling of both personnel and machines to maximize these resources and streamline operations, which increases productivity.
  • Effective Inventory Management. A powerful MIS will track in-house, custom and client inventory and send notices when items are running low. This system assures that items can be restocked to avoid production delays.
  • Improved Cost Tracking. An effective Print MIS takes the guesswork out of costs. Users know the cost of each project, its billing amount and the profit margin.  
  • Improved Communications. The best MIS systems have intuitive dashboards display real-time updates that keep everyone in the know.
  • Faster Billing. With a Print MIS a project can be billed upon completion or customer approval, as designated within the system, because the billing department receives immediate access to the information necessary to generate the invoice.
  • Relevant Reports. Flexible Print MIS products allow users to receive the reports they need to support decision making. This may include productivity levels of a specific employee or machine, or year to year data comparisons, and more, with a simple click of a button.
  • Valued Customization Options. Through an API module, companies can integrate other programs with the Print MIS to create the perfect, comprehensive system for their needs.
  • Increased Customer Engagement. Using an interactive customer portal, clients can upload print jobs, edit content and approve the layout for printing from their computer or mobile device. This process saves both the print shop and the client time and hassles, and improves customer satisfaction.
Each print shop has its own experience of their Print MIS, and other benefits can include improved ability to compete in the marketplace, increased sales and higher customer loyalty.

What to Consider in a Print MIS

While every Print MIS offers benefits to a business, some systems are better than others. When evaluating your options, consider your needs as well as these issues:
  • Is the System Up-to-Date? Purchase a Print MIS from a company that is known for updating its system on a regular basis to take advantage of new technologies, address market changes and respond to customer needs.
  • Is the Print MIS Flexible? You want a system that can adjust to meet your needs rather than one that requires you to change your processes to fit into its box. This benefit should include flexibility within the MIS itself as well as a comprehensive API system.
  • Is it Easy to Use? Some systems have everything you need but will sit unused because it’s too complicated for employees to embrace. Make sure the system you select is intuitive and demonstrates value to the employees.
  • Does it Provide Responsive Customer Support? Make sure the system you purchase is backed by great customer support, including training, data transfer, API options, report customization, etc. You want to work with a company that connects you with a consistent support team and delivers the ability to have a person-to-person conversations within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Is it Cloud Based? Select a Print MIS that is cloud-based and can be used anywhere from any approved mobile device. This allows marketing teams to access information in the field and owners to track operations from anywhere in the world.
  • Does the Print MIS Support Web-to-Print? Web-to-Print is a powerful way for brick and mortar companies to compete with web-based businesses and the Print MIS must seamlessly support this process.
 The right Print MIS can have a significant, positive impact on your organization. At Print Reach, we offer robust, flexible MIS for every size of print operations, all backed by our great customer service. Our MyOrderDesk system delivers a web-to-print customer engagement tool that increases satisfaction and improves retention. Contact us to learn more about our systems and how they can work to keep your business competitive in a changing market.]]>