JACKSONVILLE, FL, Feb. 7, 2023 — Today, Print Reach is announcing the availability of a new Printer’s Plan integration add-on, LoyaltyLoop. The integration automates and streamlines the process for printers using Printer’s Plan to engage their customers for feedback and reviews. 

Printing companies can now connect their Printer’s Plan software, both hosted and non-hosted versions, directly to LoyaltyLoop. The integration automatically sends contact details into LoyaltyLoop when the job transaction is closed in Printer’s Plan. Then, LoyaltyLoop can automatically engage the customer for feedback and Google reviews soon after their experience. There are no reports to run, export, or upload to initiate your feedback loop. In addition, since customer contact details flow to LoyaltyLoop as job transactions close, requests for feedback and reviews can occur as soon as the day after the transaction closes, or after a specified delay. Using the Printer’s Plan integration not only saves time and money, but enables a faster, richer feedback. The integration is available for any business running Printer’s Plan.  

“Leading printers all over the country rely on Printer’s Plan software to run their business. By partnering with LoyaltyLoop, we provide our printers with a powerful tool that makes it easy for them to get regular customer feedback,” said Chris Huber, President Print Reach. “Not only does the integration make it easy to listen to customers to make continuous improvements, but it also automatically enlists customers to promote our printers by word-of-mouth, and online via Google reviews. It’s a real win-win-win.”  

“We are always looking for ways to make our customers more efficient. The team at Print Reach shares this goal. Our new integration with Printer’s Plan fully automates a printer’s process of engaging customers for feedback and reviews,” John DiPippo, President of LoyaltyLoop said. “Not only does the integration save time by eliminating manual reports and data uploads, but it also enables timelier feedback and reviews soon after their order was completed.”

The LoyaltyLoop customer experience platform automates the process of gather feedback and reviews, while also tracking critical customer experience metrics including Net Promoter Score (NPS). The Printer’s Plan integration can be added to LoyaltyLoop Basic and Promoter plans. 

Visit printreach.com and loyaltyloop.com for more information.


In April 2019, the merger of Virtual Systems and PagePath Technologies was announced and Print Reach was formed by two of the strongest pioneers in the industry. Both companies recognized a gap in the industry where an all-in-one ecosystem was desired by both small and large print, mail, and marketing companies. Print Reach’s software suite of well-known products include Midnight MIS, Printer’s Plan MIS, MyOrderDesk, and most recently, Print Reach Pay. With powerful features and rich APIs, their print, mail and web-to-print software allows companies to easily control all facets of their business operations. The long-trusted and revolutionary technology allows companies to leverage their investments to gain a competitive edge and strengthen customer relationships with ease and efficiency.


LoyaltyLoop generates online reviews using customer feedback surveys. LoyaltyLoop then tracks Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®) to continually measure customer satisfaction levels. This allows businesses to grow sales by increasing customer loyalty and leveraging happy customers to uncover more business.