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November 9, 2020

Adams Direct & Media Services: Successfully Upgrades from Mail-Shop to Midnight MIS Software

Print Reach, a provider of cloud-based print and mail business management software, announced AdamsDMS has successfully completed upgrading from Mail-Shop to Midnight MIS and has greatly improved their already existing workflow.

“While Mail-Shop served us well for many years, we saw the new features of Midnight MIS and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to switch over. We’ve never used the scheduling capabilities in Mail-Shop, but now we are in Midnight. Inventory management, work orders, and estimations are so much quicker and easier to use in comparison,” said Daniel Falkowitz, VPO/IT of AdamsDMS. “We can easily access anything we need with very few touch points, taking everything to the next level of comfort and accessibility. It allows us to make data such as Job Information, and Status Reports much more transparent during company meetings. Account managers know where their jobs are in real time, without having to spend time looking for them. It all boils down to Midnight’s powerful database. Now we have the capability to have a clear view and see exactly where we are profiting and making money, and where we aren’t.”

Setting up jobs and pricing into the MIS software is much easier than ever before and eliminates manual calculation mistakes. This creates less interruptions and faster production times. Implementing a new MIS system is a big decision and requires planning, but it is always worth it.

AdamsDMS’ implementation of Midnight saved their shop time and operating costs. Print operators quickly manage the flow of jobs with less touch points, and managers can gather all valuable data quickly without hassle.

“Understanding the necessity of switching from an older system in favor of a modern one has greatly improved AdamsDMS’ production workflow and data collection management,” said Chris Huber, CEO of Print Reach. “Adams demonstrated great leadership in upgrading a core component of their company’s systems. Implementing a more secure, faster, and futureproof MIS has allowed their operational data to be collected and secured more efficiently. By leveraging this data, Adams can now see exactly where they can make important decisions to run a more scalable business.”

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